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Uniteam Recruitment Agency

About Us

Uniteam Recruitment Services specialises in connecting the best talent with leading businesses in Cyprus. We deliver customised recruitment solutions, salary benchmarking, career guidance and much more.

Uniteam Recruitment Services
Uniteam Recruitment Services

About Us

Uniteam Recruitment Services specialises in connecting the best talent with leading businesses in Cyprus. We deliver customised recruitment solutions, salary benchmarking, career guidance and much more.

Why Uniteam Recruitment Services

We are a licensed recruitment agency that specializes in sourcing and placing professionals across multiple industry sectors in a professional, structured, and thorough way.

We have the ability and experience to recognise and approach the talents of today and tomorrow, by performing thorough market research and evaluating candidates at many levels.

Our many years of experience and the deep knowledge and experience of our team enables us to understand and evaluate the trends in new roles, in the Cyprus market, to transfer this experience to our customers for their own industry and to fill their positions, with talented individuals.

Register with us today and begin the journey to a new career

  • Access to a variety of enticing career opportunities that meet your aspirations
  • Connections with potential employers
  • Quick and easy access to the employment market
  • Strict confidence and secure treatment of personal data
  • Unique opportunity to receive career coaching and advice on interviews
Uniteam Recruitment Agency

Our Mission

Connecting talented people with leading employers and assist both in achieving their goals.

Our Vision

To become the recruitment agency of your choice, where you can find solutions for your ever-changing needs.

Our Promise

Customer First!

We listen and understand your needs and create opportunities for you to grow


We discover skills and build bridges between candidates and employers

Uniteam Recruitment Agency


We work together for what we truly love and for the benefit of customers, candidates, and our people

Build Trust!

We invest time in building long-term relationships that later on become partnerships

Meet the Team

Romanos Yiangoudakis - Global Head of Human Resources

Romanos Yiangoudakis


“Passionate in helping people find the job they truly love, uncover their talents so that they grow professionally in whatever they decide to do”.

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Romanos Yiangoudakis joined Uniteam in 2012 as the Human Resources Manager and promoted in 2014 to Head of Human Resources for the Group. He is leading the human resources operations and advisory services globally and oversees the provision of human resources management services to both internal and external customers.

He is extensively involved in various human resources and change management projects across the Group and he has been responsible to develop and implement the human resources strategy of the Group as well as all internal procedures and policies in relation to employment, recruitment, learning and development and employee welfare.

Romanos has more than 15 years’ of experience in the Human Resources field and prior to joining Uniteam was employed by the European Commission in the learning and development unit of the legal service. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. He also holds a diploma in Organisational Psychology.


Rafaela Zenonos


“Experienced recruiter with the ability to develop strong relationships with employers and candidates, combined with a strong understanding of talent markets”.

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Rafaela Zenonos joined Uniteam Global Business Services in April 2021 as Head of Recruitment.

Rafaela leads Uniteam’s recruitment agency and is responsible for the provision of recruitment services to customers. As part of the external recruitment team of the HR service line, her responsibilities include identifying and reaching out to suitable candidates to fill vacancies according to customers’ needs, while working to promote companies’ HR services.

Rafaela has more than six years of combined experience in the field of HR, with a particular emphasis on international companies within the forex and shipping industries. Prior to joining Uniteam Global Business Services, she was employed as a HR Operations Specialist.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Rafaela also holds a master’s degree in Human Resources Management. Further, she is a certified associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), which is the professional association for human resource management professionals.


Rafaela Zenonos - Head of Recruitment
Nikolas Poulladofonos - Business Development & Recruitment Specialist

Nikolas Poulladofonos


“Specialized in business development by working with a variety of customer industries. Committed to help companies to fulfill their primary requirements by connecting them with the best-talented people”.

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Nikolas Poulladofonos joined Uniteam Global Business Services in May 2023 as Business Development & Recruitment Specialist.

Nikolas contributes to growing and developing the business by identifying new business opportunities. As part of the job, he is responsible for liaising with existing and prospective customers to ensure they are regularly and consistently updated on progress and receive positive recruitment experiences. Nikolas has a bachelor’s degree in Business and Management with a CMI Level 5 Diploma qualification. In addition, he also has a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Corporate Strategy. Prior to joining Uniteam Global Business Services, he was involved in the fields of customer service, business development, sales, human resources, banking and entrepreneurship.


Andrea Hadjisoteriou Konstantinidou


“Left Brain Hemisphere: Teacher, Right Brain Hemisphere: Recruiter. Let me use both, to show you the pathway to your professional success”.

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Andrea Hadjisoteriou Konstantinidou joined Uniteam Global Services in December 2022 as a Recruitment Consultant.

Andrea seeks and identifies new opportunities, communicates, and collaborates with potential customers to understand their hiring needs and organisational goals. Andrea as a Recruitment Consultant liaises with candidates and provides advice about recruitment requirements to ensure a constructive and positive experience.

Prior to joining Uniteam Global Business Services, she was employed as an English Special Scientist in Cyprus University of Technology and European University. She is a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Linguistics and a Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Furthermore, she is currently doing the online 5-week CIPD course HR Fundamentals.


Andrea Hadjisoteriou Konstantinidou - Recruitment Consultant

Maria Moraru


"A dynamic and ambitious Recruitment Consultant, always striving to support candidates and customers in achieving their professional objectives and aspirations."

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Maria Moraru joined Uniteam Global Business Services in September 2023 as a Recruitment Consultant.

As a Recruitment Consultant, Maria seeks out and hires professionals with the right combination of experience, education, and skills to fill the vacancies of customers. She communicates with candidates to ensure they are fully apprised of processes and adjustments, delivering great recruitment experience.

Maria’s responsibilities also include communication and collaboration with potential customers to understand their hiring needs and organizational goals and provide advice about recruitment requirements.

Prior to joining Uniteam Global Business Services Maria has worked in a variety of positions, including HR, Administration, and Customer Service. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Business Administration.