Interview with Rafaela Zenonos, Head of Recruitment

Rafaela, as the Head of Recruitment at UGBS, what are your main tasks?

I am responsible for the provision of recruitment services to external customers of Uniteam Global Business Services. My primary responsibilities are to seek out and hire professionals with the right combination of experience, education and skills, in order to fill vacancies of UGBS customers. Further, I am responsible for the development and cultivation of relationships with existing and prospective customers.


In June 2021, UGBS launched a recruitment platform under the umbrella of Uniteam Recruitment Services (URS). Can you tell us a bit about the platform?

I can proudly say that we have created a user-friendly recruitment platform which allows all job seekers and employers to have access to our services and find all the information they need about our services. Through our website, jobseekers can explore all available vacancies. They can also request a quotation about our CV writing and interview coaching services, as well as our professional LinkedIn profile writing services. What’s more, they can contact us for general career guidance.

On the other hand, employers can explore our Value Plans, which are designed based on the size of the company, employer recruitment needs and so on. Of course, we offer flexible solutions, and can create a customized value plan for an employer based on their unique recruitment needs.


What kind of jobs does URS provide?

Jobseekers can apply for any job based on their specific area of their interest. We serve customers from a range of industries, including forex, finance, hospitality, retail, shipping, technology and training.


Is the platform for job seekers only? Where do you get the vacancies from?

The platform is designed to serve job seekers of all levels, whether you are just starting out your career or are seeking a career change. Our services are also designed for people who would like to build a better CV, or improve their interview skills. What’s more, we cater to individuals who would like to create or improve their LinkedIn profile in order to enhance their possibilities of being noticed and contacted by recruiters. We also provide services to individuals who would like career guidance based on their background. In addition, the platform can be used by employers who would like to save time and avoid any hassle during the recruitment process.

All our vacancies are provided by our clients. Job descriptions are created based on the specifications of the employer.


Who can apply?

Anyone can visit and apply through our website, from any country, any profession and any background. There are no limitations, as the jobseeker is able to choose their area of interest and proceed with the application based on the requirements of the position.


If I do not match a job profile 100%, but would like to apply for the job, can I still do so?

I believe that no one can match a job description 100%, but there are some key requirements for each position that a suitable candidate should have. One of the benefits that a candidate has while using a recruitment agency is that there is not only one position available. This means that a candidate might not match a job profile and vice versa, however, we will search for other relevant positions on our platform which are suitable for our candidates. Candidates can also upload their CV onto our platform, without applying for a specific position, which is something we encourage candidates to do.


What should be included in the application letter to set a candidate apart from other job seekers?

For me, personally, an application needs to respond specifically to the job description in question, and to explain why the candidate is suitable for the job. It needs to include background information about the candidate, and explain how the individual has developed their career. Any relevant training and seminars are also useful, as they allow the recruiter to identify whether the candidate has knowledge of specific topics. Candidates must demonstrate that they are able to carry out the responsibilities of the position they are applying for, as this will validate their areas of expertise.


You also provide interview services. How do these services work?

First impression matters in an interview! Our goal is to equip each candidate with the tools and skills they need in order to be fully prepared for the interview. Based on the job they are interviewing for, we prepare the candidate for every stage of the interview, from how to answer possible questions, increase their confidence and prepare responses to a range of potential questions. After this, we then conduct a job interview role play session with the individual, which is then followed by constructive feedback from our expert consultants. The purpose of the role play session is to provide specific guidance in direct response to the candidate’s actions, words and behaviours.


Where do you see URS in five years?

Employees are the most valuable, fundamental asset of any business! I am certain that our company will continue to progress by investing in our people. Based on the progression that we’ve experienced so far, there’s every reason to believe that we will expand our horizons worldwide. We remain afloat of the latest market trends and new technologies. I am also confident that in five years from now, we will be able to expand our clientele in other countries, and continue to grow as a team. This makes us a strong and capable competitor in the market of recruitment agencies in Cyprus.

Interview with Romanos Yiangoudakis, Global Head of Human Resources

Romanos, you are the Global Head of Human Resources. What kind of services do you provide and for which industries?

We are a licensed recruitment agency, and addressing, both the needs of the customer and the skills of the candidates in a very structured and business-minded way. We have the ability and experience to recognise and approach the talents of today and tomorrow, by performing thorough market research and evaluating candidates at many levels.

Our many years of experience and the deep knowledge and experience of our team enables us to understand and evaluate the trends in new roles, in the Cyprus market, to transfer this experience to our customers for their own industry and to fill their positions with talented individuals.

We do not have any restrictions on the industries we focus on. Our customers come from a range of industries including shipping, training, hospitality, technology and much more.

We also provide customised HR advisory services designed to meet our client’s ever-changing needs. From performance and development systems to any HR policy that our customers wish, we remain committed to building lasting relationships with each and every one of our clients, helping them to place their people high on their agenda.


In addition to supporting companies with suitable employees, Uniteam Recruitment Services has launched a recruitment platform. How does it work?

Yes, we have a very user-friendly recruitment platform: Candidates can explore the positions we have available on our website and apply for any position they are interested in, through our platform.

It’s an easy application process and candidates can rest assured that their data is landing in a secure and GDPR-compliant platform.


As a job seeker, can I submit my application even if I haven’t seen a suitable vacancy on the recruitment platform?

Yes, all candidates can submit their applications on our platform even if there is no current position that matches with their skills.

At the time of application, candidates shall register their area of interest and some other details. Our recruitment team then contacts them and try to understand their interests and find the perfect job for them.


What are your five tips for a successful job interview?

I could spend hours answering this question! I have interviewed many people in my career and I can suggest lots of tips and provide lots of examples. However, as I have to mention five I would suggest the following:

  • Know the position you’re applying for. Research the business, your interviewer and the role in depth. .
  • Be prepared to answer task-related questions and explain what your role was and what was the outcome.
  • Know which of your skills and competencies correspond to the position.
  • Listen carefully and take your time with your answers; avoid answering with a simple yes or no.
  • Maintain eye contact throughout the interview. Body language is important!