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Romanos, you are the Global Head of Human Resources. What kind of services do you provide and for which industries?

We are a licensed recruitment agency, and addressing, both the needs of the customer and the skills of the candidates in a very structured and business-minded way. We have the ability and experience to recognise and approach the talents of today and tomorrow, by performing thorough market research and evaluating candidates at many levels.

Our many years of experience and the deep knowledge and experience of our team enables us to understand and evaluate the trends in new roles, in the Cyprus market, to transfer this experience to our customers for their own industry and to fill their positions with talented individuals.

We do not have any restrictions on the industries we focus on. Our customers come from a range of industries including shipping, training, hospitality, technology and much more.

We also provide customised HR advisory services designed to meet our client’s ever-changing needs. From performance and development systems to any HR policy that our customers wish, we remain committed to building lasting relationships with each and every one of our clients, helping them to place their people high on their agenda.


In addition to supporting companies with suitable employees, Uniteam Recruitment Services has launched a recruitment platform. How does it work?

Yes, we have a very user-friendly recruitment platform: Candidates can explore the positions we have available on our website and apply for any position they are interested in, through our platform.

It’s an easy application process and candidates can rest assured that their data is landing in a secure and GDPR-compliant platform.


As a job seeker, can I submit my application even if I haven’t seen a suitable vacancy on the recruitment platform?

Yes, all candidates can submit their applications on our platform even if there is no current position that matches with their skills.

At the time of application, candidates shall register their area of interest and some other details. Our recruitment team then contacts them and try to understand their interests and find the perfect job for them.


What are your five tips for a successful job interview?

I could spend hours answering this question! I have interviewed many people in my career and I can suggest lots of tips and provide lots of examples. However, as I have to mention five I would suggest the following:

  • Know the position you’re applying for. Research the business, your interviewer and the role in depth. .
  • Be prepared to answer task-related questions and explain what your role was and what was the outcome.
  • Know which of your skills and competencies correspond to the position.
  • Listen carefully and take your time with your answers; avoid answering with a simple yes or no.
  • Maintain eye contact throughout the interview. Body language is important!